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Team workshop with the wisdom of Aikido

Because “team“ is more than just a word

  • Changing perspectives and redefining roles in the team

  • Respect. Appreciation. Recognition. Deflecting the energy of attack

  • Real team spirit at last. Resilience. Ability to deal with conflict. And suddenly everyone wins!

Would you like to experience yourself and your team in a surprisingly different way?
And in so doing strengthen already existing qualities as well as discovering new potentials?

This workshop with Aikido, with elements from the Japanese martial art, offers a wholly new perspective on the work within and with your team.

For my workshops I use the wisdom of Aikido in a targeted way, together with specially selected, easy-to-do exercises drawn from the discipline. Going beyond from the cognitive level, these profound physical exercises also address the participants at a somatic and emotional level. As a result the content becomes embedded in a deeper and more lasting way. These simple exercises can be performed by anyone regardless of their level of fitness or age.



  • To develop more cohesive team values and reflect anew

  • To strengthen respectful interaction with each other

  • To create a culture of tolerance in the team

  • To create a stronger group spirit through increased trust

  • To develop understanding of different personality types and ways of working


Winning without fighting. Together.