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The Training – leading with the wisdom of Aikido

Lead simply, lead effectively

  • Develop und strengthen your leadership personality further

  • Evolve an effective and authentic leadership style

  • Lead people in such a way that they are happy to work with you

  • Promote mutual respect, well-being and the benefits for all parties

  • Increase your resilience, your resistance to stress

In my leadership training, I bring simple exercises of the peaceable martial art Aikido together with modern principles of neuroscience and leadership know-how. In this way, functional processes in leadership behavior can be illustrated and goal-oriented behavior set up.

Learning with Aikido will give you an unforgettable boost, helping you in the process to develop enormous potentials.

Team leadership and dialog, team building, negotiations, meetings, change processes, stress reduction – through this training, these things will be achieved with considerably more ease, elegance and effectiveness. 



  • Inner attitude – outer bearing

  • Effective tools for success in leadership

  • Successful dialog with employees

  • Appropriate body language in conversation

  • Presenting yourself authentically and with conviction

  • The voice as leadership instrument – with presence and clarity

  • Calmness and resilience for leaders

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Are you still fighting – or are you winning already?